About Us

Welcome to the Official Web Site of the Alcovy Judicial Circuit District Attorney's Office. Newton and Walton Counties comprise the Alcovy Judicial Circuit. As the District Attorney of this circuit, I have many duties to fulfill on behalf of the citizens of the State of Georgia.
My key task is to represent the State of Georgia in the prosecution of felony and misdemeanor crimes committed in the Alcovy Judicial Circuit. It is the responsibility of the District Attorney to prosecute all indictable offenses.
The District Attorney advises law enforcement officers concerning the sufficiency of evidence, warrants, and other matters pertaining to the investigation and prosecution of criminal offenses.
The District Attorney also guides crime victims and witnesses through the complex criminal justice system. It is important that crime victims are informed of their rights under the Crime Victims Bill of Rights.

Throughout all of these duties, my basic function is to make sure justice is served in all cases.
If I can be of service to you, feel free to email or call me directly.

Layla H. Zon
District Attorney
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(770) 784-2070 Newton
(770) 267-1355 Walton