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Newton County Superior Court

The superior court exercises broad civil and criminal jurisdiction. Superior court judges preside over all felony trials, have exclusive jurisdiction over divorces and may correct errors made by limited jurisdiction courts. Superior Courts are organized into 10 Judicial Districts, comprised of 49 judicial circuits. Each county has its own Superior Court, though a judge may serve more than one county. A chief judge handles the administrative tasks for each circuit. Superior court judges are constitutional officers who are elected to four-year terms in circuit-wide nonpartisan elections. Certain vacancies that occur in superior court are filled by appointment of the Governor. A candidate for superior court judge must be at least 30 years of age, a lawyer who has practiced for seven years, and a resident of the state for three years.

The Alcovy Judicial Circuit is part of the Tenth Judicial District and serves Newton and Walton Counties.

The Newton County Juvenile Court, Probate Court, Magistrate Court and Superior Court offices and courtrooms, as well as the District Attorney’s Office and the Clerk of Courts offices are in the Newton County Judicial Center located at 1132 Usher Street, Covington, Georgia. 

Courtroom and Office Locations: 

Newton County Judicial Center
1132 Usher Street
Covington, Georgia 30014 

  • Juvenile Court - 1st Floor
  • Probate Court - 1st Floor
  • Magistrate Court - 1st Floor
  • Superior Courts and Judges' Chambers - 2nd Floor
  • Law Library - 2nd Floor
  • District Attorney's Office - 3rd Floor
  • Clerk of Superior Courts - 3rd Floor 

8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Monday through Friday 


Courtroom Conduct 

pdf Basic Rules of Court Conduct 

  • Proper dress required
  • Shoes required
  • Children must behave
  • Absolutely NO cellular phones or pagers 
  • No hats, shorts, skorts, mini skirts, tanktops, tubetops or undershirts allowed in courtroom
  • No loud talking
  • No profanity 

No pocketknives, sharp objects or weapons (including chemical/defense sprays) of any kind are allowed in the courthouse. 


Court History


Newton County is made up of parts of Henry, Jasper and Walton counties and dates to 1821. Its name honors Sergeant John Newton, a companion of the Revolutionary War hero William Jasper. Covington, the county seat, is named for Patriot General Leonard Covington. 

The Dec. 1821 legislation creating Newton County authorized the county's first inferior court to purchase up to 202.5 acres for locating a courthouse and jail and laying out town lots, the sale of which would go toward the expense of erecting public buildings. Until a courthouse could be built, the legislation provided that elections and court sessions be held at the house of Martin Robb. Jordan and Puster report that a one-room log courtroom was built at Brick House (ten miles east of present-day Covington) in 1822 at a total price of $62. A two-room log courtroom was built in Covington -- probably in 1822 or 1823. Possibly, this structure was replaced by a more substantial courthouse. In any event, the building serving as courthouse burned on the final day of 1883. The current courthouse was built on the site of its predecessor in 1884.

One of the best-known of all Georgia county courthouses, the building was repeatedly featured in the television show, In The Heat of the Night. The series was filmed locally, and settings within the city of Covington served as places for the fictional Georgia town of Sparta, where the series took place. 


The Newton County Judicial Center Dedication was held on May 4, 1999.  The new building is located directly behind the historic courthouse. 

United States Supreme Court Associate Justice Anthony M. Kennedy and Governor Roy Barnes were on hand for the dedication ceremony.  Judge Samuel D. Ozburn talked about the preparations for the dedication of the courthouse in Newton County, Georgia. Following his interview, Associate Justice Kennedy talked about the importance of law to the country's infrastructure. He stressed that the economy would not prosper without the law. He also talked about the privilege of jury duty and the unique chance it gives citizens to be directly involved in the government. 

On October 19, 2018, United States Supreme Court Associate Justice Clarence Thomas spoke at the dedication ceremony of the new addition to the Newton County Judicial Center.             





























Contact Information

Newton County 

Clerk of Superior Court    770-784-2035 

Juvenile Court                770-784-2060

Magistrate Court            770-784-2050

Probate Court                770-784-2045

Superior Court               See Judges & Staff

District Attorney            770-784-2070 






Judges and Staff


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Chief Judge John M. Ott

Office Address:
Walton County Government Building
303 S. Hammond Drive, Suite 221
Monroe, Georgia 30655

Jan Chancey, Judicial Assistant
Phone: (770) 267-1339 Fax: (770) 266-1630
Donna Davis, Law Clerk

Court Reporter

Judy Yeager



Judge Cheveda D. McCamy

Office Address:
Judge Horace J. Johnson, Jr. Judicial Center
1132 Usher Street, Room 220
Covington, Georgia 30014

Stephanie Sims, Judicial Assistant
Phone: (770) 784-2080 Fax: (770) 784-2130
Drayton Ballard, Law Clerk

Court Reporter

Cindy Trevizo


Judge Layla H. Zon

Office Address:
Judge Horace J. Johnson, Jr. Judicial Center
1132 Usher Street, Room 208
Covington, GA 30014

Kristi Bradford, Judicial Assistant
Phone: (770) 784-2180 Fax: (770) 788-3770
Christi R. Moore, Law Clerk

Court Reporter

Kelly O. Fryer


Judge Jeffrey L. Foster

Office Address:
Walton County Government Building
303 S. Hammond Drive, Suite 221
Monroe, Georgia 30655

Donna Bailey, Judicial Assistant
Phone: (770) 267-1339 Fax: (770) 266-1684
Ross Harris, Law Clerk

Court Reporter

Anne M. Thomson 


Judge W. Kendall Wynne, Jr.

Office Address:
Judge Horace J. Johnson, Jr. Judicial Center
1132 Usher Street, Room 210
Covington, GA 30014

Kathy Kitchens, Judicial Assistant
Phone: (770) 788-3781 Fax: (770) 784-1868
Stephanie Stutts, Law Clerk

Court Reporter

Amie Johnson




 Senior Judge Samuel D. Ozburn



 Phone: (770) 784-2180